Battery and power issues after installation

If your device keeps restarting and won’t charge
This is usually caused by a poor or dirty connection. Please turn off the device and re-fit the battery (Make sure it is free of debris and always push down the cable connector with care ).
If your device turns on but doesn’t complete a full charge
Please charge your device for two hours. If you can’t see the charge screen after this time, please check the following:
• Please check the jack, USB cable and power cable
• Reinstall the old battery and see whether it makes difference
• Contact our customer service through message service if problem persists
If your device won’t turn on or start up
As this is a new battery and straight from the manufacture, it may take a few charges to reach its full capacity. We suggest you use software such as battery life to check the capacity.
If the problem persists after 5 charges, please contact our customer service through message service.

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